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Ubuntu 12.04, gedit 3 and GPG

In Ubuntu 10.04, using gedit and gpg was really easy. Just install a package, enable the plugin, and everything works.

In Ubuntu 12.04 there is no such plugin. As an alternative you have to use external tools. It’s a bit hard to find the right syntax, so I posted it in AskUbuntu:

Subtitle Editor: How to change the frame rate of subtitles in Ubuntu

How to change the frame rate of subtitles in Ubuntu

¿Por qué Equo?

How to run Crayon Physics Deluxe in Ubuntu 12.04 64 bits

I was having some trouble after installing the 64 bits package from on aold Humble Bundle release.

I found this post:

So I installed some packages:

sudo apt-get install libglew1.5:i386 ia32-libs libsdl1.2debian libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libqtcore4 libqtgui4

Renamed /opt/CrayonPhysicsDeluxe/lib32 to /opt/CrayonPhysicsDeluxe/lib32ORIGINAL

And now the game runs :)

Example of minimum vows test for node.js using coffeescript

exports.Car = ->
  this.color = 'red'

# Require vows stuff
vows = require('vows')
assert = require('assert')
coffee = require('coffee-script')
# Require the class we want to test
superMinimum= require('./superminimum')
# Instantiate the function we are testing
Car = superMinimum.Car
# This is a test with a title
vows.describe('Cars Application in Coffee').addBatch({
  # The next 2 lines set the "topic" of this test
  'A car':
    topic: new(Car),
    'is red': (car) ->
      assert.equal(car.color, 'red')
    'is not blue': (car) ->
      assert.notEqual(car.color, 'blue')
  # Here we could add a comma and another "topic"

Run “vows –spec” and you get this :)

  ♢ Cars Application in Coffee 
  A car
    ✓ is red
    ✓ is not blue
✓ OK » 2 honored (0.002s)